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Your Home County Can Determine Your Eligiblity

Your home county can determine your eligibility to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If you are a high income household--a single person making more than $61,000 or a family of four making more than $110,000--you have to show your income eligibility according to the bankruptcy means test formula.

That formula allows much higher rents for people in Loudoun and Fairfax than in Prince William. About $400 more a month for a single person; $500 for a family of four.

What does that mean? Take a family of four, two working parents each making $60,000, with two children. Living in Prince William that family could be required to pay $600 a month for five years to the bankruptcy court. Living in Herndon, Fairfax, Ashburn or Sterling, their debts would be cleared.

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