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First Again in 2018: Most Bankruptcies Approved

For years, Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Weed has had the lowest rate of bankruptcies dismissed among Northern Virginia bankruptcy lawyers. Because more of our bankruptcies get discharged--that means the debts are cleared--we had the most bankruptcies approved in 2018. Even though we were third in the total number of cases.

The busiest bankruptcy lawyer in Northern Virginia filed 126 more cases than we did, but he had 45 fewer approved! He had 188 dismissed. We had 17. His dismissal rate was 44%. Our was 6%.

Bankruptcy dismissal 2018 for Northern Virginia bankruptcy lawyers

Not every bankruptcy dismissal is a disappointment. Sometimes we file bankruptcy we expect to be dismissed. That can be for strategy reasons (most of those I can't put in writing.) And of course every case is different and past results do not guarantee future success.

Most people file bankruptcy in order to clear their debts. And debts are cleared when the bankruptcy is discharged. It says a lot that year after year a far higher rate of our clients clear their debts through a bankruptcy discharge than other Northern Virginia lawyers.

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