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Navy Fed Suddenly Mr Nice Guy

I got a very polite letter today from Navy Federal. The most polite letter I have ever received from them.

NFCU was writing to tell me that Woodbridge resident “Stevie” asked them to stop calling her, and that they'd do it!

That's a big change.

In 2010, I posted on my main website, that Navy Federal's relentless telephone harassment was a class 3 misdemeanor. I also wrote to the President of Navy Fed and said the same thing. (He didn't reply.)

Today's mail brought the nicest letter I've every received from Navy Federal.

This new letter assured me that they would do everything Stevie asked. They promised they would stop bothering Stevie and wait to hear about her bankruptcy from me.

Why the change? Well, maybe because the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau fines then over $20 million for improper collection activities.

Maybe, they just decided they no longer wanted to be known as the meanest bank in America.

Either way, it's a welcome change.

Thank you, Navy Federal. I take back half the bad things I've ever said about you.

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