Bankruptcy Trustee Hearings in Northern Virginia are now done by phone. 

Everyone who files bankruptcy is required to "appear" for a trustee hearing. (This is often called the "meeting or creditors," although we hardly ever see a creditor there.)

Starting April 13, 2020,...

Where to park for your bankruptcy hearing. Hint: NOT at the Fairfax Court House

Last month I was on Capitol Hill, with a couple dozen bankruptcy lawyers, talking to people about H.R. 770, a bill to restore the bankruptcy discharge for student loans.  

I think we are getting some momentum to go back to the law before 1979, when student loans co...

The shutdown affected a lot more than just the Federal employees. Yesterday say a guy, already in financial trouble, living as an Uber driver. Because business is down, he could not make his January 15 rent--has to pay every two weeks--and has been living in his car.


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